Some types of popular guitar in the world

Guitar is very familiar to each of us because it suits all social classes and ages. Therefore, the guitar is popular all over the world. However, the guitar still has 6 different types not including the variations of each type. So what are their differences? What is the best beginner guitar that suits you?

acoustic-guitarAcoustic guitar is the most popular guitar in the world. It has narrow keys, thin soundboard. Some types of acoustic guitar have a strap near the guitar. Strings of guitar are usually made from iron or nylon. The acoustic guitar is usually made from lightweight wood to easy to carry. Its sound is usually smaller than other guitars so when it is played with others in orchestras, it is added a magnetic induction device used to amplify sound (called pick-up).

The guitar has some variations such as: classical guitar, flamenco guitar, 12-string guitar, torres guitar and flap-top guitar.

  • The classical guitar originated from Spain. It usually has 6 strings made from nylon therefore its sound is gentle sound. This guitar is used in many musical genres as Spanish music, folk music, jazz music and solo or ensemble. The classical guitar is made from many different types of wood. With many different sizes, the guitar makes many different sounds.
  • The flamenco guitar is quite similar to the classical guitar but it just uses wood of fir and cypress wood to make the soundboard. It’s pasted golpeadores in both sides to protect the guitar.
  • The 12-string guitar has six pairs of respective strings used to buffer chords and to keep rhythm because its sound created is equal to 2 guitars for a while.
  • The torres guitar has length of 81 cm. Its body is made from wood with 6 strings. This design makes bigger sound than other guitars.
  • The flap-top guitar has bigger size than the guitar having strings made from steel.
  • Hawaii guitar is type of guitar also having 6 strings but there is no button. So how to make musical notes?

They use a metal sheet to make the frets. Different lengths of the strings will create musical notes. When playing, players usually put the guitar on the thigh. The strings of Hawaii guitar are sleek strings not having casing for 6 strings (mi, la, re, sol, si, mi).

Electric Guitar WoodsElectric guitar has also 6 strings, a neck and frets however the soundboard is not empty like normal guitars. It does not use a resonant sound machine but uses an audio frequency. On the body, there are two control knobs to control volume and timbre. The strings of electric guitar are thinner and more flexible.

resonator_guitarResonant guitar basically likes acoustic guitar but there is a pieces of metal on the soundboard to resonate and amplify sound. The guitar has length from 1.02 to 1.07 m and suits for dance music, jazz music, blue music and so on.

Bass guitar is derived from contrabass. It is used to response for the bass and to connect between drums and guitar that creates complete harmonies.